“When you sing and people want that you sing, then you can hope to be great. “

Andrea Bocelli

Born in the beautiful town of Kofu, Japan, Sally Sachi started playing piano from the young age of 4. After discovering and fostering her talents she went to Tamagawa University, where she majored Vocal Music with focus on Opera. She professionalized her piano play and singing under Kei Osano and Takahiro Yasumoto respectively. Soon after she studied Jazz Theory and Jazz Vocals under Shigeo Maruyama.

In 2013 she had her first performance at a live concert sponsored by Charito, a famous Jazz singer in Japan.

A few years ago she performed with an Indian musician as pianist and vocalist for Bollywood related concerts. After hearing her performance, Grammy winner Abhiman Kaushal introduced her to the sitar player Yoshida Daikichi. They composed several songs together.

In 2020 she worked with AJ Chand Acharya on an album in India.

Currently she collaborates with Masashi Mori, an operatic bass singer, and Kazuhiro Bessho, a pianist, to record and release several jazz duets.